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Grand Utopia

1:1 Scale french inspired fantasy map for ETS2.

Switch to the new system

Le Sigh... again this way.
We didn't want to switch this way but the harsh facts are that so much money has gone into vtlog already and upgrading again the servers for the old one would cost more. On top of that we face the fact it would be between sever generations. So everything needs to be put in backups, moved, installed etc.
I don't want to invest that time or money anymore. The simple and harsh truth then is, we are switching to an unfinished system. This will cut down my costs roughly 70% and with current cost of living that is really welcome.

This is a brand new system, you will all start from scratch. The old system was massively cheated.
Your old data will be added again in the near future updates.
You need to download and install the new client!
For help meet us on discord @ JOIN DISCORD

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